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How to get the Coordinate from Google Maps

How to get the Coordinate from Google Maps

Everyone can use the Google map to get the coordinate for free. To get started, please go to Google Maps website at following URL http://maps.google.com/
From the screen, we shall move the map location to Malaysia in order to find a place in Malaysia, eg. Sibu. To do this, we can just key in the name of the place in “Search the map” box and click the “Search Maps button”. Google later will point to the place with a green mark as shown as on the screen below.


To search for more detail on the targeted places, please zoom in the map.
To get the coordinate of the place, click the right mouse button and click direction from here.

Google maps2

Google Maps will place a green placement mark on the selected place. Latitude and longitude will be shown as well on the start address as show on the screen below. At the same time you can still move the green placement mark to other places as the coordinate will changes accordingly. If you satisfy with the exact location, copy the coordinates and sent to us via email at support@perridot.com to amend your school location which might be probably wrongly tag by us.

google maps3