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Beta Launch

The following is a beta version of our iSchool directory, based on an outdated database of 2004, we are still preparing for the database for the 10,000 schools, with more up-to-date info, once they are migrated, you would be able to search for any of the schools in Malaysia.

In the current beta implementation, we are using Google Maps API's geocoder which now supports address geocoding, where we will tag the school to the nearest town, if we do not find the school's coordinates in our database.

Demo Prototype

We hope to Geo-tag as many schools as possible, with the correct coordinates, once the right school is selected, with complete Google Maps coordinates, you will see the following sample info:

Note - The availability of school website and school location under Google Maps will depends on whether we have existing coordinates of the school, and may take a while to update. Pleasenote that only National Schools are available in our current database.

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* We currently have 3,071 among 9,896 schools tagged with coordinates